Guidelines Regarding Umrah Flights & Best Airports!

Posted on November, 27, 2017 By : Admin

Talking about the best airport for Umrah, there are a number of factors on which it typically depends. It includes the time when you are going, a number of people going with you, the overall duration of your trip, where will you visit, and other questions.

Here we are discussing the list of best Umrah flights and the airports which will suit you the best during a different time.

Medinah would be the best option if you don’t want to face the crowd:

It is best to arrive in Medinah during busy times such as Ramadan and peak holidays. The reason behind this is that the airport is quite small and consumes less number of flights, hence less congested.

One more plus thing is that you can easily clear all the immigration formalities and can be free within 1 hour after collecting your luggage on comparing with other airports where the time can be 2 to 3 hours and even longer for the same.

While traveling with your little ones:

Medinah airport is also perfect in case you are traveling with your babies and small kids. There are several hotels nearby the airport so it becomes easier to arrive at the hotel and rest there.

The other great factor is that the prices for the flights arriving in Medinah and leaving from Jeddah are not much expensive. Hence this option is quite easy going as compared to the 10-hour return journey by coach.

Talking about the other option i.e. Jeddah airport, it is quite busier one and often queues and delays are attached to it.

For passengers picking the DIY Umrah option, they can easily manage and find flights that can arrive in Medinah and leave from Jeddah which is closer to Makkah. You can easily get connected to several tour operators offering deals for arrivals in Medinah and departure from Jeddah or vice versa.

On leaving, Jeddah Airport is a much easier option as it offers a lot of facilities which can make your whole trip comfortable.

Choosing the Hajj Terminal for arrival and departure is not an ideal choice as there are not many facilities.

At Peak Umrah times; usually, there are bank holidays and school holidays so do plan according to that. During Ramadan also, people have days off and prefer to visit the holy land for longer.

For people doing a DIY Umrah from Medinah, the option of SAPTCO coach is perfect. These are government operated and are very convenient.

Yanbu: Another Option

Yanbu is a lesser-known option available which is located 220 km from Medinah. If you are holding an Umrah visa, it will include flights in and out of Yanbu as well.

As compared to other airports, Yanbu has a small airport which supports low-cost carriers such as Air Arabia, FlyDubai and some larger airlines such as Turkish and Saudi Airlines. Due to the availability of a few flight options, they have good prices which can make sense for those doing a DIY Umrah.

Overall, the best airport for arrival in Saudi Arabia for Umrah depends on you and your circumstances. But it is advisable to pilgrims and visitors that they should try to avoid Jeddah during peak times December to April and in Ramadan. If you can’t do so, then get ready for the long delays during arriving or departing from the Hajj terminal.